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Welcome to Pop Heart Studio!

My name is Marisol, 

but you can call me Mari.

I create
Art, Gifts,
& Content

inspiring you to
practice & express 

I was born & raised in Miami, FL.

Growing up I was into the arts, music, poetry, theatre - anything that gave an opportunity for self expression.


I was also very passionate about spirituality, figuring out the best tools & practices on how to balance the mind, body, & soul.


I knew I wanted to work as a creative, I just couldn't figure out how to merge all my passions into one single career.


Intuition has always been my GPS, so I decided to get a degree in the arts.

I graduated with a Visual Arts Degree from Miami International University of Art & Design.


After that I worked at an Art Complex near Wynwood, located in Miami, FL. It was here that I learning the ins & outs of a non-profit organization, & how to generally run & operate a business. 


As the years went by, I desired to become an entrepreneur, starting my own business, creating & selling art & gifts inspired by the message of love.



Pop Heart Studio has gone through many names, but the beliefs & values that make it up have always been the same.




I believe that self-love leads to a very

joyful, kind & compassionate life experience.


















My name is

Marisol, but you can call me Mari

I believe in the Power of

Self-Love & Expression


This work is just the beginning for me! 

Look out for future books, a youtube channel, & collaborations with other creatives.

I welcome you to join the community, & I look forward to having you a part of this amazing journey with me!

I send you all of my love, from my heart to yours,


I use the message of Self-love to create inspiring, uplifting, bright & colorful works of art & content that reminds us in a charming way to connect to our inner self, that which we call & express as LOVE.


I have created a blog where I share with you my tools & tips I have studied & used throughout my life as a student of the law of attraction, meditation, & yoga.

I am pro all paths that lead to


no matter what name you give it.

I wish that my work & my message of love can inspire you on a life-long quest to reach for, connect to, and express your inner truth, your love.

How will you...

Surprise your girlfriend?

Delight someone on their birthday?

Say "thank you to" your clients?

Express your love with ART!

Pop Heart Studio creates timeless symbols of love, making each work of art an everlasting and meaningful gift.

Surprise a loved one with an unexpected, original painting!

Art Services

How it works

If you need something special

(that you couldn't already find at the Etsy shop

Request a Custom Art Project & I'll contact you directly.


When we chat, I'll be asking you this:


  • Who is the artwork for?
  • Is it a special occassion?
  • What canvas size would you like?
  • What date do you need it by?


Then we'll chat about the best color combinations based on favourite colors & the interior design.


Once I have all this infomation, I will create a FREE sketch***


Once you approve the sketch, the painting begins!

This process is the same for all painting sizes, including murals.

Below is a list of possible custom art pieces that may fit your needs.


For more info, or to order a custom painting,

schedule a visit/chat with me by

contacting me directly at


(786) 290-2503


***I will create up to 2 free sketches, after a 3rd sketch there will be a charge.


Universal Love


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Home is Where the Heart is

I Love Fruits

Heart Portraits

Heart Portraits - Chakra Ed.


I'd love to hear from you!

There are many ways to get in touch...

through etsy, the blog, Instagram & Facebook!

(See phone & e-mail down below) 


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If you are even in South FL, you can find my Pop Up Shop around town!

Check out below for future events

Pop Up Shop


gallery/get in touch

Interested in featuring me & my shop

at your next event?

Contact me at (786) 290-2503