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Welcome to Pop Heart Studio 

My name is Marisol.

I look forward to connecting!

Much Love, 

My whole life I've been passionate about the arts, music, poetry, theatre - any form of self expression.


I'm also into spirituality, figuring out the best tools & practices on how to balance mind, body, & soul.


Growing up I always knew I wanted to work as a creative, I just couldn't figure out how to merge my passions into one single career.


Intuition has always been my GPS, so I followed it & decided to get a degree in the arts.

I graduated with a Visual Arts Degree from Miami International University of Art & Design in 2010.


After that I worked at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami.

It was here that I learned the ins & outs of a non-profit organization,

& how to run & operate a business. 


As the years went by, I dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, creating & selling art & gifts inspired by the message of love.



Pop Heart Studio began in my home studio

in 2015, after leaving my 9-5.

Since then, Pop Heart Studio has gone through many names, but the beliefs & values that make it up have always been the same. 




which leads to a very joyful & compassionate life experience.

















I believe in the Power of

Self-Love & Expression

This work is just the beginning for me! 

Look out for future books, youtube channel, collaborations & partnerships.


I use the message of Love to create inspiring, colorful works of art that reminds us -in a charming way- to connect to our inner self, that which we call & express as LOVE.


I've also started a blog where I share content on tools I've studied & used in my life as a student of

the law of attraction, meditation, & yoga.



I wish that my work & my message of love can inspire you on a life-long quest to reach for, connect to, and express your inner truth...your love.

Working from home studio in Miami


In 2016, my husband & I built a

Pop Up Shop on wheels


- a trike that once was used to sell Gin -


is now my way of bringing art to you!


I welcome you to join the community, & I look forward to having you a part of this amazing journey with me!

Here's a collection of mini canvases - some in stock, some have sold -


I also offer custom mini canvas orders for you to personalize your artwork.


These mini canvases are the PERFECT GIFT

to express your love to family, friends, and co-workers.


Etsy shop is soon to OPEN!

In the meantime, if you see one you like, send me an e-mail & I'll contact you ASAP.


Need something personalized? Check out Custom Orders for more info. 

Mini Canvases

*** More Pictures coming soon

Universal Love


Home is Where the Heart is

Heart Portraits - Chakra Ed.

Heart Portraits 

*** Pictures for these collections will be uploaded soon

These collections are ORIGINAL paintings ranging in sizes of 5" x "5 up to 16" x 16"  

- some in stock, some have sold -


I offer custom painting orders (any size) for you to personalize your artwork.


These larger paintings are PERFECT for any space in your home or office


Etsy shop is soon to OPEN!

In the meantime, if you see one you like, send me an e-mail & I'll contact you ASAP.


Need something personalized? Check out Custom Orders for more info. 



Need a special gift?

Pop of color for your Home or Office?



I offer Heart-inspired

original paintings 

the PERFECT gift to





Custom Orders

How it Works


When you contact me, we'll talk about


  • Who is the painting for (is it a gift for you or friend)
  • What type of painting do you need (mini canvas or larger)
  • What type of design are you interested in
  • What colors would you like
  • When do you need it completed
  • Where is it to be delivered (by mail or in person)


Next I'll create a sketch based on our chat

I'll then send you a picture of the sketch.

Once approved, I'll begin the painting process

(check out my instagram page to see previous custom orders!)

The painting process is done in 6 phases:


  1. Prime the canvas
  2. Drawing of design on canvas
  3. First layer of color
  4. Shadowing & details
  5. Black outline (also signing the painting)
  6. Golden/ silver dot design 


After the painting is completed, I make sure to protect it.

My 2 methods are:


  1. Hi Gloss Acrylic Glaze coat
  2. Resin coat (glass-like affect, perfect for coasters)


Once the painting is FULLY dry, I'll move on to packaging.


Custom orders in South Florida:

Mini canvases & paintings up to 16" x 16" are all

packaged & delivered in a gift bag with tissue paper.


Larger paintings are delivered to the home/ office with sides protected.

Wrapping paper & other forms of gift wrapping/ packaging can be accommodated.



Custom orders out of Florida:

Mini canvases & paintings up to 16" x 16" are all

packaged & mailed in a bubble-wrapped envelope

through USPS


Special gift boxes & wrapping can be accommodated.


Larger paintings are shipped either through FEDEX or USPS




Contact me to order a custom painting, or if you have any questions.

Look forward to hearing from you!


You can find my Pop Up Shop around town in South FL!

Check out below for future events

Pop Up Shop


Interested in featuring me & my shop

at your next event?

Contact me at (786) 290-2503

No Current events at this time.

Check back in February 2019 for

upcoming Valentines Events!


Blessed Trinity Church Festival, Virginia Gardens Nov. 2018 



TEXT/ call me at

(786) 290-2503


send an e-mail to



For Custom Orders 


or to purchase in stock 

paintings from the 




Head on over to the blog

for a dose of

Love & Inspiration.


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I look forward to connecting!

Much Love,